Instead of Pre-Caffeinated Wisdom, I’m re-posting a rant and challenge from last night.  You can pretty much substitute ‘today’ with ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ with ‘today’.  The challenge still stands, and even if you can’t make it by today, stop by tomorrow and drop off your $5.  Or mail a check.  But do something.

Begin Rant:  (originally at

Congratulations to all of you who took part in the insanely massive movement today (Yesterday, by the time this is making it to Grayskull,) to emotionally abuse and ostricise a section of our community. Of course, it’s different today than it was in the old days. You can’t just tell someone is different by the color of their skin anymore. In fact, your son, your brother, your co-worker, your best friend, the guy that delivers your mail, the firefighter that pulled your kid out of the burning car or the paramedic that treated her burns… Any of them could be one of ‘them’. And what have they done to you? Seriously. Think about it. Did you know they allow death row inmates in prison to marry? When was the last time there was an organized protest when a child molester got married?

I hope you feel like you accomplished something by going out and spending your money in droves, and succeeding in only three things: Alienating those you should be befriending, probably many of them you already know and just don’t realize it; thickening the wallets of corporate fat cats who are just going to squander part of it on faster cars, bigger houses, a few hookers, and a lot of alcohol; and you’ve made yourself fatter and taken one step closer to the heart attack that will give you the opportunity to explain to the man upstairs just how exactly something as asinine as this was supposed to glorify him.

Now, do I have your attention? Since you have enough money to fork it out to speak out against such a heinous crime as people that do immoral things in their own homes, why don’t you pony up a little to speak up against a true travesty?

Last year, there were over 160 legitimate cases of child abuse. Do you know how many were prosecuted? 2. That’s right, only ****ing 2!!! And that’s just in this county alone.

Today you sat in line for hours, and probably spent $20+ on some greasy food. Tomorrow I challenge you… Nay, I DARE you, to take five minutes out of your day, swing by the CSC, and donate $5.

Oh, you’re busy tomorrow? You aren’t going to that side of town? **** you. Today you had 2+hours and 20+ bucks. You can find five more minutes and five more dollars. Five freaking dollars. I couldn’t afford to eat chickin today, but I’ll sacrifice my pack of smokes for the day to do something that might actually make a difference, rather than just making a statement. There won’t be anyone taking pictures of the crowds… because there won’t be any crowds. I know of a few people who will do it, and they will probably have to skip a trip or two to town to make up for it.

Do you actually care? Is it more important to point out the sins of others, or do you think you can scrape up a few shreds of decency to support the victims of the sins of others. I know you won’t go. Like I said, 5 minutes and $5 is just too much to take out of your busy day.

Prove me wrong. I DARE you. And I won’t be watching. Nobody will. Except Him. So you decide, and you live with it.


White County Child Safety Center