Gah. Another day older. Another day closer to dying. By the time I made it home last night, my older daughter and most of the household pets had claimed my side of the bed, so I just crashed on the couch. My neck and shoulders are making sure I’m aware of their disagreement with that decision.

As I was thinking last night, though, (I swear, it takes two hours just for them to hand you a couple sheets of paper and say you can go) I cam to the realization on why some of my favorite heroes of fiction are characters like Harry DresdenJohn ConstantineCorwin of Amber, and Berserk: Guts, is because they constantly take more physical abuse than a mortal, or even immortal, should be able to survive, are constantly betrayed, mentally devastated, loose anything and everything as well as anyone and everyone who means something to them, but no matter how bad it gets, they are all too stubborn (often too stupid) to give up, lay down, and just die already. Sooner or later, they always march out of the ginormous wake of chaos and destruction, simply because they refused to give up. I think this is why I identify with them. Even when I hit bottom, I’m just too stubborn and/or stupid to give up. — at Castle Grayskull (Zombie Plan HQ).